For 24 to 42 months

The teachers are trained in early childhood development and education.   Our staff to student ratio for this program is 1:6.   Full day programs are from 7:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. within their environment.  The afternoon includes time for lunch, nap, group activities and outside play.  This is a year-round program.

Students within this age group need to work on bonding and separation.  At this stage, the child’s biggest need is to separate him/herself as a unique individual with opinions, likes, and dislikes.  This child is constantly saying NO and discovering boundaries.  Our job is to provide an environment where the child can become an individual while being loved and supported, and where he/she can disagree while following the rules and fitting in socially.

Key concepts of the Pre- Primary Program:

  • Help them transition from the unconscious state to the conscious state where they are able to make choices.
  • Learning,  which  leads  to  the  development  of  independence,  occurs  when  children participate in their daily routines of care of self and care of the environment.
  • Transition them from dependence to independence.
  • Preprimary students enjoy the same curricula as the primary students but on a more basic level which includes practical life, sensorial, language, math, and cultural studies.

Requirements for Admission:

The child must be 24 – 42 months old and walking to enter the program.  There will be a parent orientation meeting with the student’s teacher at which time any prior care records must be presented.  Information regarding the student’s medical records must also be submitted to the office.