Welcome to Starmaker School

Starmaker School teaches a Montessori-inspired curriculum for children between the ages of 6 weeks and 6 years.

Our mission is to enable each child to discover their interests and strengths through exploration and discovery. A child’s education should be a positive experience that inspires a lifetime love of learning and our professional teachers know how to make that happen.

Inspired by the Montessori Method

Dr. Maria Montessori’s approach to early childhood education has been replicated with great success around the world for more than 100 years. The philosophy involves teaching children independence and encouraging curiosity to ensure that the natural flame within grows brighter during their education.

At Starmaker School, we offer a program inspired by Dr. Montessori’s teachings, including:

  • Tending to the “Whole Child” through emotional, physical and intellectual learning
  • A curriculum structured around stimulating the child’s “absorbent mind,” which is thirsty for knowledge and ready to engage with the world in various ways
  • Specially designed classrooms and materials that arouse the senses and pique curiosity
  • Expert, certified teaching staff trained in the Montessori Method

Encouraged Parental Involvement

We encourage parents to extend the Montessori philosophy into their homes to ensure stability and continuity between home and school.

Being involved in their child’s education helps parents understand:

  • The value of process and awareness of sensitive periods
  • The importance of modeling behaviors you wish your child to emulate
  • The child’s environment should be prepared to facilitate independence, peaceful living and global thinking